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Festival of Making 15th 16th June 2019

Two new layouts were built on the weekend in Blackburn Central Library.

Crystal Island or Festival respectable name chosen by chilern draw of name the layouts over the weekend. The children who won the competition, will have their names on the two layouts and both awarded a prizes. The two layout will be finished about 4 to 6 months.

Children of all ages, where doing project work throughout the weekend and pictures of their work are in the gallery section of this web-site.

Fun was had with all people, young and old

King Street TMD new Depot, Blackburn

The recently built King Street TMD Depot, Blackburn.  Invited for a tour of the Depot by Northern Rail.

King Street is a Stabling point, refueling and Cleaning for Northern Rail Diesel Units

The Depot at this time not officially open or in operation use.

Picture of the King Street depot are on the Gallery page