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Letter sent

Accrington Road Community Centre Accrington Road Blackburn BB1 2AF.

Dear ***** *******,

Further to your letter dated 3rd May, the slight delay has occurred because of advice seeking and therefore:

  1. The letter from yourself to East Lancashire Model Railway Organisation is invalid as it is addressed incorrectly.
  2. There is no such agreement as detailed in your letter between the Accrington Road Centre and this Company.
  3. There is an agreement however, the agreement is an annual agreement commencing on the first of December every year and twelve months’ notice must be given by you to ourselves before the 30th November in any year, as agreed verbally but also confirmed by your annual invoice to ourselves. This Company therefore has the right to occupy the agreed space in the Community Centre until the 30th November this year and unless the proper and correct notice is given prior to that date, then our right to occupy will extend to the 30th November 2020 at the very earliest and maybe beyond, dependent upon proper notice being given and received..
  4. You have not signed the letter in any case and therefore it is not deemed a legal document and you state that you are a Director of the Accrington Road Community Centre which is clearly untrue because you are not listed at Companies House. Incidentally the accounts signed by you having been approved by the Board, also states that you are a Director that again is illegal because you are not! The previous year’s accounts are signed by a ***** *******; you may or may not be the same person but no one person can legally have more than one identity, who are you, ***** ******* or ***** ******* ?
  5. As you will be aware, this Company has been denied access to our premises since about the beginning of March 2019 which has not only caused a great deal of inconvenience but also financial loss to our business because obviously events that we previously had committed to attending, we were unable to. This Company will be putting together the necessary invoice to account for both of these points together with rental repayments and will submit this as soon as practicable to the Accrington Community Centre and will expect immediate payment thereafter.
  6. Your continued efforts and comments as to the apparent banning of Lady Coupe from the premises to which we have continually paid rent is unlawful and without merit, in fact this is clearly not only racist but also discrimination against a disabled person.  We have it on record that the Accrington Community Centre is for Asians only and white people are not welcome at any time, this is absolutely illegal and will now be reported to the highest of levels. You are not above the law as you are acting as if you are; there are laws in this Country that even you and your committee have to abide by.

In summing up therefore, unless I receive by the 20th May 2019, an apology and an undertaking, that this Company has unrestricted access to our premises up until the 30th November 2019 and beyond, unless the proper notice of lease cessation is received prior to that date, I shall be taking the necessary steps as detailed above.

Yours sincerely,


Access to our Charity Base

East Lancashire Model Railway Charitable Organisation is not leaving Accrington Road Community Centre. Our contact runs to December 2020.

Kiran Kareem loses paperwork all the time , fail to files, and makes up paperwork as she goes along, since 2013. Nothing she writes now, as no bearing on the past, as does not kept records. The problems lies with one volunteer Kiran Kareem, which Blackburn Darwen Council keep tell her!

Kiran thinks she own a public building please herself what she does. This volunteer like attacked disable people to get her own way for fun, but if does happens she makes lie and slander up about disable people.

Accrington Road Community centre Ltd, does not have any legal Management Board since 2013. There is no chairperson, Company secretary etc listed anywhere in the country , inclduding Company House. There is no record of any Management Board meeting, including AGM’s since 2013. There has never press notices for the AGM’s since 2013. None of other directors put their named in public, it alway Kiran Kareen name on everything. What position does she hold on this Management Board, as it still not clear after 6 years. it look like one person board, which this volunteer Kiran Kareem.

The problem is that Blackburn with Darwen Council has taken rooms in the centre away from this volunteer, but she cannot accept, then she personal thinks can threaten another business. People of Area do not like volunteer Kiran, will not go in the centre because her and untidiness of the centre by her.

The volunteer Kiran Kareem refuse to given us key to building to allowed access to our business, which we have legal right to.

East Lancashire Model Railway Chairable do not work office hours, we not change our time for this one volunteer Kiran Kareem. The require the Key for the Centre, without this volunteer being there, which has no legal to!

Does the volunteer Kiran Kareem has any right purposely attacked disable people, who run East Lancashire Model Charitable Organisation?

Right Access to our Charity Base at Accrington Road Community Centre

Due to circumstance beyond our control, we not been able use our charity base at Accrington Road Community Centre since the began March 2019.

We have right of access as we Charity Business, by paying our payments under our contact. The centre volunteers change font door key with little notices.

The volunteers stated it would closed for 2 week only, now it over a months. Our charity base is locked off to protect the charity equipement, to stop anybody else entering of our business.

We accept the fact the centre is being done up, but does stop our right of access as business. The Charity can not fully operate, due we cannot our different pieces equipments for differents events.

There has been events have been cancelled, and lot of money for the charity, each weekend. The full details of the reason why has been pass to the different events organisers which we had to cancelled to this access problems for over a month.

We are awaiting of Blackburn with Darwen for a new key for the community centre, as soon as possible, so that charity get back working a full capacity.

It not Blackburn with Darwen Council fault, it all this incorrect information from these volunteers in the first place.

We now awaiting of Blackburn with Darwen Council for Accrington Road Community Centre front door keys so that the charity to move forward again !!!!!

Thanks everybody supporting East Lancashire Model Railway Organisation, now and future

Chaity Been Robbed At Our Accrington Road Community Base

The Charity has been robbed at our base at the Community Centre in Blackburn we had 7 Diesel plus coaching stock. All OO. Pass to police.

Diesel where find damages and one is beyond repair, to be place if possible. Still awiting of replacement parts, if available.

Report to the Volunteers at centre, no followed up or feedback to the charity. They should pass it on the Council, as community centre is a council building!

We still have deal with the repairs and if we can replace the damage Diesel’s ELMRO

King Street TMD new Depot, Blackburn

The recently built King Street TMD Depot, Blackburn.  Invited for a tour of the Depot by Northern Rail.

King Street is a Stabling point, refueling and Cleaning for Northern Rail Diesel Units

The Depot at this time not officially open or in operation use.

Picture of the King Street depot are on the Gallery page